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Caleb always says that glass-blowing is a team sport, and our team has over 100 years of combined glass-blowing experience and knowledge. Observing the S&S team while in their flow state is like watching a beautiful dance that is both improvised and choreographed. They know one another's next move; a lot communication is unspoken. There's also a lot of laughter; it shows that the artists are having fun while producing these unique hand-blown pieces of glass.

Our studio's aesthetic reflects the evolved craftsmanship of Muranese tradition coupled with the balance and restraint of the Scandinavians. Caleb and Carmen draw as much inspiration from the medium as they do from the place where they live and work. "We always start with an idea but remain flexible to allow for the natural qualities of the materials," says Caleb. "The element of the unknown has always attracted me to glass and to California, for that matter," says Carmen. "There's a tangible sense of adventure, as well as beauty, layered within the landscape. We try to embrace that."


We have a purist approach to blowing glass, using the highest quality clear crystal we can source. Our pride in our work is a by-product of the quality of the artisan pieces we produce and who we produce them with. Although we have grown a lot over the years, our goal has always been to prioritize quality and never compromise integrity to produce more of something.

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